Business Facing AML and KYC

Anyone can identify an individual. But when it comes to onboarding businesses, the complexity rises to a whole new level.  Public companies, private, trusts, partnerships, associations, NFP's and more, MVSI is your expert in providing rapid AML compliant onboarding.

We deliver on the promise of prospect in, customer out.

Outsourced AML and KYC

Corporate AML Compliance services. Business verification, identify beneficial owners, and complete identity verifications. 

Integrated onboarding

Use yours, or ours. Everything you need, integrated or stand alone.


We do the complex work. You provide the company name and contact, we do the rest. 

MVSI produces fully compliant verification reports,  including verification of business trading, the ultimate beneficial owners, identity verification of the natural persons, as well as AML, CTF and PEP watchlists and sanction checks. 

A verified client, ready to go.

Beneficial Owners

A simple sole trader, or a complex multinational with mutiple owners. The complexity of determining the real beneficial owners can be considerable, but is essential when maintaining compliance. 

MVSI can determine the real beneficial owners of any organisation, from a government owned enterprise, to a complex association or NFP.


Instant Identity Verification

Who Is Your Customer

Once we have identified who the Beneficial Owners are, they can complete their identity verification online, instantly. 

We use sophisticated technology to detect fraudulent modifications, and every identity is checked for the two primary requirements: Does the identity as presented exist in the government systems; And does the person claiming the identity have the right to do so. IE Are they the actual natural person they claim to be.


ID Selection

We pre-select the appropriate ID documents based on both the country of residence, and our client's country of compliance.

We ask for front and back, and as many ID documents as you require.

Selfie or Liveness?

Some countries accept a selfie, and other countries require a short video proving liveness when conducting online identity verification.

We handle both, and set the requirement dynamically depending on your requirements and laws.


PEP AML CTF Sanctions and Watchlists Monitoring

Automatic screening against over 2,000 sanctions watchlists.

PEP, Extended PEP, AML and CTF sanction lists from OFAC, UK Treasury, DFAT, CIA, Dow Jones, and many more.

We conduct the initial sanctions lists report, as well as ongoing, either on demand, or scheduled in bulk.

Verification Reports

Your finished reports are available as you need them, where you need them.

Keep them in our secure system attached to the client file, have the data and images sent to your CRM of choice, split the data into sales, compliance, and operational data, and have it stored in the Cloud, on premise, or integrated to your own internal systems.

And if you ever need your verifications for compliance purposes, or for an audit, know that we always keep a copy in our own secure system for up to 7 years.


Lets get started!

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