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About Us

MVSI is a global organisation specialising in software and solutions for verification services. Every day we verify thousands of data points about people, businesses, and  events. Each of our product groups represents a value position specific to a market segment, and our brands and websites reflect that. 

Today you are visiting our AML compliance business, and we hope you find what you need. If we can be of assistance in any way, please call us, and we'll be happy to help. 

At MVSI, our philosophy is every touch must be a fantastic experience, and all our staff have a single focus: - How can we help our customers achieve their outcomes?

Our mission is to remove the delays in AML compliance processing, making it easier for our customers to onboard their clients, and making the customer experience simpler.

We do this through use of advanced technology that we develop ourselves, combined with real people, in a unique combination we call Human Intelligence.

To provide a world class service globally, where compliance is not a burden, and verification of people, organisations, and events produces better outcomes for our clients.

The MVSI Group

MVSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Managed Verification Services International, an international specialist in Managed Verification Services. Through its offices across Australia, Europe and the US, MVSI provides a range of solutions for verifying individuals, contractors and companies against multiple compliance requirements such as KYC, identity, corporate fraud, employment law, and others. 

For more information about MVSI, visit our corporate website at MVSI.com

Meet The Team

Depth of leadership. Our management team are experts in their fields, combining knowledge, experience, and intelligence to produce better products and services.

Daniel Sheahan

A software industry veteran, with extensive experience in compliance and regulatory affairs, Daniel has led small startups to exit, been the CEO of ASX listed company Comops Ltd, and an executive director of a Nasdaq listed Concord (ccrd).

His expertise includes process improvement across finance, sales and marketing, and services/development, with a strong track record of building software companies.

Brodie Johnco

Technology evangelist, analyst, and serial inventor. Brodie is focused primarily on the design and delivery of complex technical solutions, infrastructure compliance and security whilst aligning and driving strategic product development and roadmap in line with both market and customer requirements.

Brodie has a long history in product management, software evangelist, and has several patents under his name..

Deb Sheahan

One of the early management team in VerifyCV, (later sold to Veda/Equifax), Deb is the founder of MVSI.

An industry expert and thought leader in background check services, Deb is responsible for the day to day running of the verification team, client liaison, and the design of new background checks. Deb has more than 15 years experience in HR, and in particular, pre-employment screening

Daniel Sheahan

Chief Executive Officer

Brodie Johnco

Chief Technology Officer & Head of US Operations

Deb Sheahan

Head of Verification Services

Jeremy Short

Jeremy runs our software development team, is responsible for translating business requirements to technical specifications, ensuring maximum usability and user experience within gatekeeper.

Only just short of genius, Jeremy’s expertise across a huge variety of technologies, languages and databases is instrumental to the development of Gatekeeper & OnBoard!.

Dean Hall

Dean is responsible for the performance and growth of our operations across the UK and Europe.

With an extensive background in financial services and compliance, Dean is a key member of the management team of MVSI and contributor to our global strategy.

Jeremy Short

Head of Product Development

Dean Hall

GM European Operations

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