MVSI delivers onBoard! for acquirers

MVSI delivers onBoard! for acquirers

MVSI Delivers Dedicated Onboarding Platform for Acquirers

London, Sydney, Denver - 12 April 2022.

 MVSI today announced the release of onBoard! Premium Partners, it’s dedicated onboarding SaaS platform for Acquirers with inbuilt AML, KYC and Underwriting. After extensive consultation and collaboration with a number of the world’s leading acquirers, MVSI has released the first full platform white label solution specifically for merchant acquirers.

“The payments space is becoming more competitive, and acquirers are looking to broaden their direct sales with full channel partnerships”, said Daniel Sheahan, CEO of MVSI. “onBoard! Premium Partners delivers acquirers the ability to provide real partner solutions to Payfacs, TPP’s, ISO’s and Payment Services Providers with their own digital white label boarding solution.”

“Providing the partner channel with solutions for growth has been a key challenge for many acquirers” said Dean Hall, General Manager of MVSI’s European operations. “We’re very proud to have been able to work with some of the best in the world to understand the key challenges when building a reseller and partner model, and onBoard! Premium Partners is a very exciting release” said Hall.

OnBoard! Premium Partners allows the Acquirer to offer their channel a full merchant management platform, that includes:

onBoard! Smartforms: Build and deploy any digital merchant application form with any look and feel.

onBoard! Sales: Self signup, sales management, make offers, and manage pipelines, sales automations can triple signup rates.

onBoard! Connect: In built connections to everything. Corporate Registers, Credit reports, Mastercard MATCH, Sanctions and PEP’s databases, Adverse media, even Criminal History and litigation databases.

onBoard! Risk: Score every application in real time, as the merchant is completing. Dynamically change questions, fields, processes, based on scoring of the total application. While the merchant is completing.

onBoard! Approvals: Automate your onboarding. Only touch the merchant applications that don’t meet your requirements, and deliver on same day boarding, the approvals engine intelligently routes applications to the right people, and that right time.

onBoard! KYC: A full KYB solution for commercial clients. Visualization of corporate structures, unlimited KYC workflows for every jurisdiction, and everything from simplified to enhanced due diligence.

onBoard! Portfolio: Manage thousands of merchants, automatically. Re KYC, re risk, OCDD, and more. Divide your portfolio based on risk, and onBoard! will monitor them all automatically depending on your risk rules.

Sheahan said ”onBoard! Premium Partners provides the acquirer with the highest level of management visibility into how their partners are performing, and what their partner community is selling, with fine granular control over rules, credit risk, AML compliance and governance, while at the same time providing a platform to their partner community that drives growth and provides competitive differentiation.

Many solutions claim to be Boarding platforms, but we believe OnBoard! delivers something unique to the acquiring market, where all departments are now catered for from within a single product. Partner Sales, Marketing, Compliance, Risk and Finalization.

About MVSI

MVSI is an AML specialized Regtech, focused on SaaS boarding solutions for the commercial financial services markets. Headquartered in Sydney Australia with offices in the UK, Europe and US, MVSI is the developer of OnBoard!, a world leading SaaS platform, as well as outsourced AML, KYC and OCDD services.

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