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Not Just a Tool Set

When we developed our technology, we looked at what was on the market today, and how it was delivered. What we found were tools, focused on automation without responsibility. Tools are fine if you have a large compliance team and can manually verify every identity that lands with a "reliability score". 

But we knew that our customers wanted a finished product not a collection of tools. And so we built our own processes for identification verification. We built in human intelligence, matched by very smart technical intelligence, to deliver fast, accurate identification that you can rely on. Our identity verification service is available outside our outsourced AML compliance service, and we have a variety of levels available depending on your requirements.

But it's simple, painless, and your clients will love it. No frustration, with real time support and human intervention. Now that's progress! 

A Confirmed Outcome

When you use MVSI, you don't get tools, you get outcomes. This includes identity verification and matching as part of your verification report.

Firstly, does the identity exist and is it real? Our technology reaches out to government systems, credit reporting bureaus, and more, to establish that the identity being checked wasn't just created a few months ago. We use a variety of technologies to establish that the identity really does exist within the real world, the system, and that it is accurate, and that it is recognised.

Then we establish that the person claiming the identity really does have a right to do so. That the person claiming the identity 'Jane Doe' really is Jane Doe. We use live images and video to compare the person claiming the ID to image on a government issued identity document(s).  

And when both our technology, and our people say it's a match, it's a match!


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