every year tens of millions of identities are stolen. At MVSI we use an extensive array of sophisticated tools and data matching to ensure your clients are who they say they are, and protect your company's reputation.

identities stolen every hour
lost every second through fraud
billion dollars laundered every year

Protecting Your Business Reputation


The impact of criminals using your platforms or services for money laundering can have a devastating effect on your business. Our role is not to just provide you with compliance services, but to ensure we minimise every risk that can have an adverse affect on your business. Our processes for identifying fraudulent identities are among the most comprehensive in the world. 

Data Matching

Is there evidence the identity exists in the community, and the government systems.

Fraud List Services

Does the identity exist on any watchlists, or has it been used for fraudulent activities in the past.


We scan every ID for signs of tampering and alteration to key security features.


Linkage proves the person claiming the identity has a right to do so, and is the real owner.


Has the identity been in general use and does it have history


Human intelligence looks at whether all aspects of the transaction were consistent.

powerful technology combined with human oversight

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