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Trusts, Associations, Holding Companies, Public or Private Corporations, Multi-nationals, Sole Traders - we handle it all.

Welcome to OnBoard!

Advanced corporate onboarding platform with integrated AML & KYC


Branded onboarding

A comprehensive onboarding solution, configurable products, dependent fields, self generating contracts, and much more.

Create offers automatically from your website, through your CRM, or directly within OnBoard!. Your applicant completes whatever forms are required, and OnBoard! does the rest. We generate the contracts for signing, gather the AML and KYC data, and the smart system keeps track of where every applicant is in the process, all the time. 

Automation even prompts them at times that you decide. 

Powerful Tools

OnBoard! is a complete customer repository for your applications and offers in progress, as well as your approved applications and their KYC documents.

All your compliance records in one place, company verifications, beneficial owners, ongoing due diligence results, and identity and PEP results.

With complex API's, any data combination can be sent to your CRM of choice, or any other internal systems.

OnBoard! is a complete solution for making offers to corporate clients, with integrated AML compliance.


Customer Experience

At the heart of OnBoard! is a powerful process engine that allows you to walk your customers through your process in any order of steps that make sense.

Keep it on one page, or organise into multiple tabs to keep it simple.  We know that every client has different target markets, and different products. 

OnBoard!'s intuitive customer UI ensures that your customers have a great user experience during the onboarding process.

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