MVSI Gatekeeper is one the world's most advanced verification management systems. Built by us, for us, Gatekeeper lets our verifications team manage thousands of AML certifications to deliver fast verification of your corporate clients.

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Gatekeeper manages thousands of background checks, intelligently collecting data, and routing to the right verifiers, in the right countries, at the right time.

The system manages all in the interelated data such as company registrations, beneficial owners, identity management, time frames for OCDD, and much more. 

When scale matters, you need the power of Gatekeeper.


Data Privacy and Security

Gatekeeper is an ultra secure system, that manages data and security in compliance with the laws of the countries we operate in. This includes GDPR in Europe, The Privacy Act Australia, The US Privacy Act 1974, and many others.

Using two factor authentication, and encrypted data services, we host data in Amazon AWS centres globally, in compliance with local country laws. 

We manage so that you don't have to.


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